The instructions that started it all...

The instructions that started it all…

Here is my log in.  x—–x  We can try later. I need to update my profile there.

Please set up dates for me to happen Friday nights no later than 7pm or Saturday afternoons anytime. The following links are a list of things to do in LA, but the guy can pick a place too as long as it’s safe of course . You can add the dates to my calendar by adding it to a google calendar and sharing the event with x– (which is my personal email – please do not give this out). I just added you to both my business and personal calendars so you can see if I am already busy.

Here are the sites with things to do - -

Qualities important to me are ambition, humor and someone who is a gentleman and fit, honest, also preferably 26-39 yrs old that has a life for himself. Essentially I don’t want a guy searching for a “sugar momma” :)  

I am open to anywhere, LA, Toronto Canada, Nebraska. I can do a skype date. Local to me is zip code x—x (Santa Monica) or outlying cities like Venice, West LA, Culver City. But it’s okay if they are farther. I just want a quality man who is proud to protect and take care of his partner, but also appreciates a strong business woman. 

That being said I am attracted to boyish looks…

Here are examples of guys I think are sexy:

Bradley Cooper:

Johnny Depp:



Jack Harries:

Let me know what else you need from me. Thanks for this!

Let’s start with 1-2 dates a week. 

When you email the guys just say you are my assistant and when you use my name only use my first name.  But if possible don’t use my name at all until you know a date is actually going to happen (because my name is so unique and I don’t want them googling me).

If the email box in OKCupid gets to capacity let me know so I can make more room for you.


 - the girl