Vetting me on a Skype date? No way!

Vetting me on a Skype date? No way!

So today I have call number 2. The guy is running, no joke… running. He says he has no other time to speak than “now”. How can I judge him, after all, I outsource my dating. So I oblige and continue on in the call. I set a time limit though thinking about all the cool things I could be doing with my 10 minutes other than talking to a stranger who I may never meet.

He tells me he likes to “vet a girl first”. I respond, “Vet me all you want” LOL.

He says “yea I can tell a lot from body language”.

So I say, “yea that’s why I think there is nothing more genuine than meeting in person and even a 15 minute coffee date is great.”

…all the while thinking, why in the world did you insist on a call then!?

He proceeds to say that he doesn’t drive longer than the duration of the date so he does “skype dates” .

Me + skype + date = NO.

Listen if it’s worth it to me to take my valuable time to meet you, even for just 15 minutes, then I better be worth it to you to meet me. So if drive time is your issue, pick someone closer :)

 - the girl