OMG why pick up the phone if you’re busy???

OMG why pick up the phone if you’re busy???

So these guys have been insisting on chatting on the phone first. I rather just meet for a 15 minute “coffee date” (I prefer tea btw) in person than ramble mindlessly on the phone with a stranger when I could be working on my company or spending quality time with a proven friend.

Anyway, I told my VA, sure go ahead, schedule calls if that’s what they need to know they’re not being catfished. So she schedules the calls in my calendar and I have my first one last night. I get some creepo sounding dude. I was like “Oh NO, I am the one being catfished!” Ha.

The next day (today) we find out he sent a typo and was one digit off so I called. He picked up, said he was busy and he’d call back. As promised, he did, but then interrogated me why I have someone handling my online dating. He proceeds to tell me how he thinks I should handle my dating and how “people do it”. Um, don’t you want to get my name first before you tell me how to live my life?


… The new Catfished season is starting on MTV soon. Crazy that so many people in this world pretend to be someone else.