Online dating sucks, so I’m outsourcing my love life

Online dating sucks, so I’m outsourcing my love life


Online dating sucks, it takes too much time.

I’m an entrepreneur. My skype is always set on invisible. And I rather read a business book than a random, could be full of BS, online dating profile. It just doesn’t interest me to email a bunch of strangers all day long that I may never meet or even want to get to know.

So I decided to outsource my love life. Outsourcing is when you hire someone in another remote location to do the work for you. I’ve been outsourcing work to people around the US, India, the Ukraine and the Philippines since I was about 24 years old. This was before I ever read the “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss, the book that made outsourcing mainstream. Somehow, somewhere, in my highlights and tabbed pages of my business books I stumbled upon eLance and that’s where I found my team from India that kick started my love for delegating.

I spent my 20s building my business so I didn’t date much. Now I am 34 and really want to experience a genuine relationship. The last boyfriend I lived with was when I was 24 and since then it’s been a small handful of 1 month stints and a few dozen random dates, but nothing to rave to my girlfriends about.

I am not hungry to get married and no clock is ticking for kids. Just want to meet a cool guy I can be myself around, laugh with, be inspired by and share the journey of building my companies.

 - the girl