Online dating analytics

Online dating analytics

On the one site where I have contacted 60 men, 21 responded and only one date occurred; that was the jerk who talked about his ex girlfriend who clearly went on this date for an ego pick me up.

The other site where 75 men were contacted, approximately 50 of those emails yielded results. The interesting thing is this; we might have gone back and forth with an email exchange where I have made it simple and offered a location and just needed them to confirm when they were available. These emails have amounted to nothing. I am of the mindset that I will not chase a guy and I would imagine most woman would agree to that as well. Correct me if I am wrong. I have initiated the contact, responded to your inquiry, and suggested a location for the meeting so aside from actually going on the date for them, I am not sure where the breakdown occurs.

Some of the men have responded with “what an awesome boss”, “this is so cool of you to do for her”, I have even been given the offer of joining the date and he will bring a friend. Too bad I am married and live in New York, but thanks. Some have said they are a little weary, but they will take the bait. So while it seems that some men are open minded, others not so much.

I have had several men not quite understand. “So who is it I am looking at in the profile?” Look, I know that dating is awkward enough and I know that I have just upped the ante by proposing a date on someone else’s profile, but live a little. Perhaps some men are just intimidated by the fact that this is clearly a working woman with her own life and business and assistant, but if they are not okay with that now, then I can only foresee a greater issue in the future.

Interestingly enough, text messages and emails can be tricky at times too because you can never quite pick up on the tone or the sarcasm or seriousness with which someone is writing. Somehow though, those that responded negatively came across so easily. I am not saying this because they reacted negatively or questioned it, but the fact that they got nasty about it.

One guy told me “you have no idea how off putting this is that you are contacting me for your boss.” I politely told him that this is the reality of her life. She is building a business and has the help of an assistant and if this is a problem, then they are clearly not as much of a match as I had first anticipated. I am sure to wish them well on their quest for love.

Another guy told me he is “not dating right now because I am in the process of moving.” Are you serious? I didn’t just approach you on the street. You are on a dating website. If you are not interested, just say so. That’s like a girl saying she can’t go out, she has to wash her hair. Makes zero sense.

Let me also remind you: men, if you are reading this, please read the profile requirements. If my age limits ask to meet men between 26 and 39, don’t bother writing if you are 44. For me, it is not so much the number that is the issue, but the fact that already you are disregarding what is asked. His response, “Hello Beautiful, I know you think my age is over your limit. If you are interested in my profile, please, let me know. Love, X (44 y.o.)”

Women want a man who listens to them, right ladies?

 - the assistant