How to Initiate

How to Initiate

So, I am logged in and sweating. I feel as though these guys can see through the profile and know it is not the person in the profile picture that is going to be writing to them. Although I have never used an online dating site, I imagine it can be awkward. The whole concept in and of itself is smart and I don’t see anything wrong with it, despite the stigma that is sometimes attached. I think online dating might even make things easier because you are kind of hiding behind a computer screen and although people can see your pictures and view the profile of all the wonderful things you want them to know about you, people seem to become more ballsy when they can “hide” online. So I thought to myself, what are you so nervous about? No one can see you and if they do not take to this approach well, it is not really me that they will know or ever meet.

I want to be honest and let these lucky bachelors know that I am not really the person in the profile they are looking at, but I need to make it enticing enough that they are willing to take the bait. I just started typing and the words just came out.

So I just started with the casual hi, hey, hey there. This sucks because I don’t want to refer to their profile name which can be simple and normal or as cheesy as One Life to Live. Am I really supposed to say ‘Dear One Life to Live’? I just kind of stated what I felt, I know that online dating can be awkward, but I have just upped the ante. I am on my boss’ profile, with her consent and knowledge, of course and I think you two could make a good match.

I hit send and felt so scared. Hello….this is not your profile, relax! I hate the suspense and the not knowing. If this guy responds favorably then I will be okay. If he freaks out on me, I am not so sure that this is a task that I can handle. Then again, is the response of one guy what I should use to dictate how every other guy would respond?

I tried to change the wording a bit so it wasn’t so cookie cutter. With my luck I will find the two guys that are friends who are both on this site and will compare notes that I wasn’t even original enough to create individual messages. In all honesty, how many ways can I say ‘hi and oh by the way, I am not even the person in the profile, I am someone else you will never see but please trust me’.

I start selecting my “favorites” and start sending, upping the ante emails. What the hell do I have to lose? Can’t be any worse than not trying to contact someone or having my boss alone… One of these guys is bound to answer.

 - the assistant