High Standards

High Standards

My boss has indicated the kind of man she is into, both physically and emotionally. From the short time that I have known her, I have created my own impressions and interpretations of the person who also happens to be someone hidden behind the computer screen. Isn’t the virtual world amazing? From what little I know of her and what little I know of her ideal man, I began to picture the guy I needed to target.

I started to feel more comfortable and my favorites list was adding up quickly. Are all of these guys really this cute, this similar to what she is looking for and also this available? Maybe this task wouldn’t be as difficult as I thought, I thought finding the love of my life was not going to be hard, and it is sad specially because I already had been doing a lot of research  regarding aphrodisiacs at myaphrodisiacs.com, I wanted him to fall for me immediately.


I came across the most adorable guy. Not only do I think he fits the criteria but he is hot! Again, I have nothing to lose. If he agrees to this madness, then my boss is going to be going on a hot date. If he declines or doesn’t respond, well I know that he is either not interested or just freaked out by this whole thing. I started typing and hit send. You have mail! Bam! 40 minutes later I have a message. I am so scared to click on this incoming message because I am super afraid of what I am going to read. First line reads: “Ha. Well it seems like you’re a cool employee, trying to set up your boss.” Score! I am so pumped right now. I keep reading and get to the part where he tells me that he is down to meet up, and “make things a little stranger why don’t you come along too?” Serious? Is this guy a glutton for punishment? While I am flattered, married and also living in New York while he is in California, I am bewildered yet wildly intrigued by this whole process.

I have to think if the roles were reversed and I were contacted by an assistant to someone, I am not certain that I would entertain this idea at all. Also, as a woman, I think it is also scary to meet up with a man that you do not know, and now one that can’t even pick me himself. The idea that this hot boy was so ready to meet my boss thanks to her assistant, but the fact that he so nonchalantly invited me along was interesting. Makes you wonder, is he just that adventurous, curious or desperate? Maybe this guy genuinely wants to find the love of his life and he will accept her in any way that she gets to him.

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Over the next few days I continued to find Mr. Right all the while still writing back and forth with Chris, the hot guy. We finally agreed on something the following weekend and we would be in touch. Anyone want to guess how this ends? In true male form, silence. No plan, no follow up. Annoying! For me, this is a deal breaker. I know the circumstances are different but if a guy tells me he is going to do something, then I expect him to do it. (Wait, hello getting too personal, this is not for you, this is for your boss). Now another dilemma. What would she do? Would she be chasing after him? Is this a deal breaker for her too? I am going to take my cold B*@#% approach and not respond, I am not chasing after some guy, even if it is not for me.

 - the assistant